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The CLICAPE, exclusively brought to you by cliCHair, epitomizes elegance and comfort for the clientele of your salon. This intricately detailed white kimono is fashioned to elevate the client experience during coiffure, beauty, and spa services and treatments. Crafted with high-quality fabrics, the CLICAPE is ultra-breathable, waterproof, and anti-static, promising both comfort and satisfaction at every use.

How to Use:

  1. Welcoming the Client: Greet your client warmly and invite them to don the CLICAPE kimono, marking the commencement of a pure luxury experience.
  2. Easy Dressing: Unfold the CLICAPE and assist the client in putting it on, wrapping it gently around their body.
  3. Adjusting the Closure: Tweak the clasp to ensure a snug yet comfortable fit, adjusting as necessary for each individual client.
  4. Coiffure, Beauty, and Spa Session: Proceed with the coiffure, beauty, and spa services and treatments, immersing the client in a blissful journey of well-being and luxury.


  • Maintenance: The CLICAPE maintains a pristine and luxurious feel easily, as it can be cleaned effortlessly after each use.
  • Pairing for Specific Services: For a visual marketing choice or to diversify types of service, consider alternating with the CLICAPE in black, particularly when not offering cutting services. It not only brings a change of aesthetics but also seamlessly fits into various salon settings.
  • Unique Design: The CLICAPE boasts a unique open design, devoid of any junctions either at the front or the back (except lateral ones), facilitating professionals to conduct precision services like symmetric cuts with the greatest ease.


The CLICAPE by cliCHair is more than just a kimono; it embodies luxury and comfort, reflecting the premium quality of services at your salon. Its distinctive structure not only facilitates precision treatments but also immerses your clients in an unmatched comfort and luxury experience. Choose CLICAPE to propel your services to unparalleled heights.


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