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Free Hand Lift

Free Hand Lift

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The new NIKA Free Hand Lift powder provides hair lightening of up to 7 tones! Enriched with caring agents, it protects and enhances the hair to the maximum during the service. Non-volatile and with a neutral scent, it is highly appreciated by hairdressers.

How to use: Mix the NIKA Free Hand Lift powder with the oxidizer in the recommended ratio. Apply it evenly on dry hair and leave it on for the specified time, carefully monitoring the lightening process. Then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Tips: Always perform a sensitivity test on a small hair strand before application to evaluate the result and check for any allergic reactions. Follow the instructions on the packaging carefully and wear protective gloves during application. Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive skin.

Conclusion: With NIKA Free Hand Lift powder, you can achieve hair lightening of up to 7 tones while protecting and enhancing the health of your hair. Choose the quality and reliability of NIKA to create extraordinary and bold looks.

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