Join the prestigious cliCHair team as a Trainer Partner and embark on a journey to success, benefiting from exclusive advantages such as earnings on every course sold, access to products at reduced prices, and continuous training with industry experts.

Become a Trainer Partner: A Successful Career Awaits You

In the dynamic world of beauty and styling, the opportunity to grow and thrive is limitless. cliCHair, a recognized leader in the hair products sector, offers you the unique opportunity to become an official Trainer Partner. Discover how you can transform your passion and expertise into a rewarding and prosperous career."

The Requirements

To become a cliCHair Trainer Partner, you must be a 100% cliCHair customer, with a deep understanding of our products and application techniques. Furthermore, it is essential to have a pronounced ability in illustrating educational concepts, serving as a bridge between theory and practice for future industry professionals.

  • Earnings on Each Course

    As a cliCHair Trainer Partner, you will have the opportunity to earn on each course sold, creating a stable and rewarding source of income.

  • Access to Products at Reduced Prices

    Thanks to your partnership with cliCHair, you will enjoy lower purchase prices compared to a regular hairstylist, allowing you to offer your clients high-quality products at competitive prices.

  • Continuous Training

    Benefit from ongoing training provided by technicians from the parent companies, guaranteeing you endless professional growth.

  • Networking with Other Trainers

    Exchange ideas, advice, and strategies with other Trainer Partners, creating a network of professionals who share the same passion and dedication for the beauty industry.


Joining the cliCHair Trainer Partner team means not only enhancing your career but also actively contributing to the growth and innovation of the industry. Don't miss this unique opportunity: join us and start writing your chapter of success with cliCHair.

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