Your style is your deepest secret: dare, express, feel. Every hair tells the tale of your unique essence.


Nika Styling Secret transforms hair care into a profound sensory experience, blending heat-activated protective ingredients and enchanting fragrances. Merging warm notes of Vanilla, Caramel, and Musk with exotic touches of Coconut, Fig, and Pineapple, and vibrant hints of Apple, Pear, and Spicy, each product celebrates the art of styling. Created to enhance beauty and hair well-being, this range offers solutions for lasting styling, volume, and shine. Styling Secret is a tribute to sensoriality, meeting the need to maintain flawless style while elevating every moment into pure pleasure.

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Nika Styling Secret Spray

Nika Styling Secret Sprays embody the perfect blend of protection and style. With heat-activated ingredients, they offer hold and shine to every look, ensuring your hair stays protected and vibrant. Ideal for those seeking an instant change, they solve the problem of maintaining the desired style with unmatched naturalness.

Nika Styling Secret Fluid

Nika Styling Secret Fluids are essences of pure transformation, designed to infuse volume and definition effortlessly. Their innovative formula not only shapes but nourishes, addressing the dilemma of dull and lifeless hair. For natural or bold looks, these fluids add a touch of sensory magic with each application.

Nika Styling Secret Wax

Nika Styling Secret Wax stands for control and versatility, offering flawless hold with both matte and glossy finishes. Enriched with a cocktail of enticing fragrances, this wax turns every style into a masterpiece, tackling the problem of lasting styling without compromising the hair's naturalness and health.



These innovative sprays from Nika Styling Secret offer the ideal solution for every styling need. The Natural Hair Spray, with its light formula, ensures a natural and flexible hold, leaving hair soft and shiny, without sticky residues. Perfect for those seeking a clean and dynamic look. On the other hand, the Strong Hair Spray is designed for those who desire an extra strong hold, keeping hair structured and perfect all day, ideal for bold red carpet creations. Both enriched with heat-activated ingredients for maximum protection, these sprays meet the need for a flawless finish, from a natural appearance to extreme control, without compromising hair health.




Nika Styling Secret elevates each style with its targeted fluids. Twisting Fluid is perfect for those seeking defined, soft curls, offering a natural hold that enhances every strand. Texture Fluid brings volume and body to fine hair, transforming it into a lively, full mane without weighing it down. Crystal Fluid, the jewel of the range, ensures extreme looks with an extra strong hold, keeping styling flawless all day. These Nika Styling Secret fluids are essential beauty companions for personalized looks, nourishing and protecting hair gently and effectively.




Nika Styling Secret presents Wax & Paste for those who cherish a personal and sophisticated style. Shiny Wax, enriched with natural ingredients, provides a medium hold and shine, perfect for highlighting details without weighing down. Ideal for adding a touch of light. Matt Paste, offering strong hold and matte finish, excels in creating defined looks and texture without residue, thanks to its clay-based formula. Both allow for the free expression of personal style, offering customization and protection for the hair.