Reflection Colors embodies innovation in hair coloring with its MPP technology and ingredients like Babassu oil and soy proteins, delivering vivid colors and hair health. This range stands out for its holistic approach to hair beauty, aiming to overcome the challenges of dull colors and poor hair condition. With a low ammonia formula and free from PPD, Reflection Colors is the solution for those seeking shine, nourishment, and environmental safety, promising a significant aesthetic and well-being impact.


With Micro Pure Pigments technology, purity meets perfection: 99.5% pure shades for timeless beauty.

Babassu Oil and MPP technology come together in Nika Reflection to revolutionize hair coloring. This combination offers hydration without heaviness and exceptional shine, protecting the hair and ensuring long-lasting coverage. Nika Reflection elevates hair coloring to an art form, promising soft, silky, and radiant hair, thanks to the perfect blend of nature and science​.

Soy proteins, a crucial element in Nika Reflection products, offer significant benefits for hair, enhancing strength, stimulating growth, and preserving color. Rich in essential amino acids, these proteins aid in the repair and protection of damaged hair, promoting a smooth and shiny texture and greater hydration.


Reflection stands out for its low ammonia content, optimizing gray hair coverage while keeping hair healthy and shiny. Key ingredients like Babassu oil and soy proteins contribute to hydration and nourishment, ensuring vibrant and long-lasting colors. This formula resolves the conflict between desiring intense coloring and maintaining hair health, offering a solution that enhances beauty without compromises.