If your hair looks thin, fragile, and lifeless, KPerfection with the new Ultimate delivers a professional reconstruction, awarded the "HPA Hair Products Award for Formula Innovation". Powered by SEAL-X Technology and intelligent keratin refined in Japan, this treatment works from the inside, repairing and rebuilding the hair fiber with results visible from the first application. Designed for those in need of an effective solution to fragility, it promises stronger, fuller, and more luminous hair, transforming them from the very first use. The Ultimate Nika Treatment and Pure Keratin Shampoo are at the heart of this revolutionary formula, awakening your hair's natural beauty.

In just four weeks of complete treatment, witness a transformative experience: your hair will gain more body and structure, showcasing renewed strength. The hair fiber becomes stronger and more elastic, radiating unprecedented vitality and shine. Discover the ease of brushing and a style that lasts longer, embodying not just a visible change but a genuine awakening of your natural splendor.



The SEAL-X Technology, enriched with pure Japanese keratin, transforms hair by providing a deep reconstruction that awakens its strength and shine. The name "SEAL-X" symbolizes the ability to actively "seal" keratin within the fiber, with the "X" representing a unique formula. This technology promises strong and luminous hair, embodying renewed beauty with empathy and innovation.


Nika Ultimate is an advanced hair reconstruction, not just a treatment. With pure Japanese keratin and SEAL-X Technology, this professional service regenerates hair from the inside, offering immediate and lasting results. From the first use, hair appears renewed, strong, and shiny. Unlike other treatments, Nika Ultimate doesn’t just mask damage, it restores the hair fiber to an optimal state. With proper care and avoidance of harsh treatments, hair maintains this newfound vitality without losing the treatment's effects. Nika Ultimate promises a true rebirth for your hair, inviting you to a journey of sustainable care and beauty.




Discover the gentle power of PURE KERATIN RECONSTRUCTING SHAMPOO, a sulfate-free formula enriched with smart keratin and Color Guard. This shampoo not only cleanses but also supports the hair's reconstruction process, enhancing its elasticity, resistance, and shine. Experience the benefits of stronger, healthier hair with an incredible sensation of softness, without weighing down your locks. Ideal for those seeking a harmonious balance of care and vitality, this shampoo promises to transform your hair care routine into a nurturing journey towards healthier, more radiant hair.




The Pure Keratin Reconstructing Deep Conditioner is the ideal ally for both professionals and home use, specializing in delivering keratin for deep hair reconstruction. Enriched with smart keratin and Color Guard, this conditioner promotes elasticity, resistance, and shine, keeping hair strong and soft without weighing it down. Perfect for those who want to continue reconstructive care at home, it transforms the beauty routine into a pathway of renewal, for eternally vibrant and shining hair.



Split End Repairer

Breakless combines the effectiveness of smart keratin and Color Guard to prevent and repair split ends, offering intense protection from heat damage. This product, ideal for all hair types, promises to improve the strength, softness, and shine of the hair with a lightweight formula that doesn't weigh down, allowing for daily use. Breakless is the perfect solution for those looking not only to treat but also to prevent split ends, ensuring a healthy and well-maintained appearance at all times.



Keratin Spray

Miracle offers an instant transformation for your hair with smart keratin and Color Guard. This leave-in spray treatment acts immediately, strengthening and repairing the hair fiber to enhance strength, vitality, and shine. Lightweight and easy to apply, it's perfect for daily use both in the salon and at home, ensuring total repair and a volumizing effect. Miracle is the ideal solution for those seeking a quick and lasting recovery, promising healthier, softer, and more manageable hair.



The Nika K-Perfection Home Essentials Kit is a holistic hair care solution that brings together Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, Miracle spray, and Breakless, all infused with the transformative Nika K-Perfection formula. This kit is designed for gentle cleansing, deep reconstruction, rapid repair, and split end protection, revitalizing your hair to leave it nourished, rejuvenated, and radiant. Ideal for both personal and professional use, it enhances any hair care routine, targeting and solving common hair issues with ease and efficiency. Embrace the harmonious blend of key ingredients for visible transformation and extraordinary results with the Nika K-Perfection Home Essentials Kit.


frequently asked questions

What are the results of the Ultimate Reconstructing Treatment?

If the hair is in perfect condition, ULTIMATE deposits keratin on the surface, protecting it from future damage. If the hair is damaged, ULTIMATE penetrates to its core, reconstructing the damaged hair and restoring strength and elasticity.

What’s the difference between Ultimate and the “PLEX” products?

Unlike the “PLEX” products, Ultimate contains keratin, a product of natural origin that repairs the breakage present in the hair. The “PLEX” products do not contain keratin, their ingredients are not of natural origin (they mostly consist of silicons) and they are designed to protect, not repair, the hair.

How often should the Ultimate reconstructing Treatment be repeated?

For badly damaged hair, the treatment can be applied once a week for weeks. Thereafter, it can be applied as needed.

Why is Ultimate different from the other reconstructing treatments?

Ultimate contains Seal-X, a smart technology based on soluble keratin originally from New Zealand and refined in Japan. A pure keratin, already perfectly compatible with the structure of the hair, is made soluble in a sophisticated lab process, which helps it dissolve and merge with the hair, sparking a deep reconstructing action that reaches the core of the hair structure.

Can I use Ultimate combined with a colour or bleaching service?

Yes, Ultimate can be applied to the wash immediately after the colour or bleaching service.

Is a heat source required to use the Ultimate Reconstructing Treatment?

No, it is not necessary.

Why is there no need to use One Wash before applying Ultimate?

Because the new Ultimate formula means that the hair fibre can be repaired without any particular need to open the cuticles. Additionally, Pure Keratin Shampoo guarantees that the hair is adequately prepared, keeping it in optimum conditions to receive the treatment.

How long can I use Breakless for?

Breakless can be used after every wash, on wet hair, to protect it from heat before styling with a hair dryer/straightener. Or on dry hair, as a daily treatment to protect hair from split ends.

Can Breakless weigh the hair down?

No, not if it is used properly.

Can I use Miracle and Breakless together?

Yes, because Miracle repairs and Breakless protects without weighing the hair down.

Can the reconstructing treatment straighten the hair?

No! The reconstructing treatment is not a straightening treatment. To straighten the hair, we recommend the straightening treatment of the Fairy Silk product line by Nika.

What can be done to extend the effects of the reconstruction at home?

We recommend using the Home Care routine products of the KPerfection line: Pure Keratin shampoo, Pure Keratin Deep Conditioner, Miracle and Breakless.

How long can I use Miracle for?

Miracle can be used after every wash, before styling. Or on dry hair, as a daily treatment to protect from split ends.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Send us an email to