Frizz free and silk hair

Frizzy, unruly, voluminous hair? With Fairy Silk, Nika proposes a full line of treatments to create a silky effect and a sublime straight look.


Active ingredients with proven efficacy and safety, for the ultimate straight look.

Straightening action: ELLE ENZYME, activated by heat, wraps around the hair and memorizes its shape, creating a sublime straight effect that lasts up to 5 months.

Restructuring action: HYDROLYZED KERATIN helps repair and protect hair from damage caused by straightening procedures.

Antioxidant action: COLOR GUARD, the innovative active ingredient that provides hair with a radiant, long-lasting, protected color.



Nika presents the Maximum Professional Smoothing Treatment from the Fairy Silk series, tailored for professionals. With Smartech Formula and Color Guard, it's designed to refine any hair type, especially tough Afro hair, into a sleek, soft, and shining mane. Maximum offers complete frizz control and improved curl manageability, ensuring a perfect look for several months. Combining safety, effectiveness, and premium Made in Italy quality, it guarantees an unparalleled appearance and ease of management.




Nika Fairy Silk Smoothing Shampoo is the essence for frizz-free and luminous hair. Enriched with COLOR GUARD to prolong color and SEVEN OILS to deeply nourish (Avocado, Coconut, Sunflower, Argan, Flax, Macadamia, Olive oils), this shampoo fights hair unruliness, ensuring a lasting smooth effect. Ideal for daily use or as post-treatment maintenance, it promises soft, protected hair with intense color. The synergy of COLOR GUARD and SEVEN OILS ensures manageable, nourished, and beautifully smooth hair.




Discover the ultimate transformation with Nika Fairy Silk Moisture Lock Smoothing Deep Conditioner: an intensive treatment that eliminates frizz, leaving hair incredibly smooth, soft, and luminous. Perfect in combination with the Smoothing Shampoo from the same range, this key product solves the problem of unruly hair, deeply nourishing with a rich blend of natural oils. After use, your hair will be transformed, ready to show off unparalleled shine and manageability, giving you the freedom to live every day with confidence and style.



Discover Extender, our anti-frizz leave-in cream, perfect for maintaining always smooth, soft, and silky hair. Enriched with seven oils and Color Guard, it offers advanced protection from humidity and eliminates frizz for an always impeccable look. Ideal for daily hair care routine, Extender enhances hair manageability by 70% and increases its shine. With its extraordinary ability to prolong the styling effect for up to 8 days, it's indispensable for a lasting smooth appearance. Easy to apply on damp hair, it's also protective against heat, making it ideal for use with styling tools. Include Extender in your routine to experience the unique benefits of this anti-frizz cream enriched.




Discover Shimmer, our anti-frizz serum enriched with Seven Oils and Color Guard, perfect for adding shine to your straight hair. This unique formula not only deeply nourishes the hair fiber but also ensures long-lasting frizz control. Dive into a unique sensory experience with an exceptional combination of floral scents that envelop your hair in a lasting and enticing aroma. Shimmer is indispensable because it offers frizz protection for up to 8 hours, provides long-lasting nourishment making hair instantly softer and shinier, and improves hair manageability by 70%. Add it to your routine for an unmatched finish of brilliance and softness.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can hair be washed on the same day as the Treatments?

Yes. Hair can be washed on the same day as the straightening treatments without affecting the duration of the treatments and/or the end result.

Can the treatments be used during pregnan- cy or breastfeeding?

Although no contraindications and/or unwan- ted effects exist, we recommend that you consult your doctor before proceeding with the straightening treatments.

Can I apply the treatments at the same time as a colouring service?

No. We recommend applying the treatments 15 days before or after the colouring service, except Smoothly 60’, which can be applied in the same sitting as the colouring service, once the colour has been left in for the indicated time.

Can hair be tied back or in a ponytail just after straightening?

No, it is advisable to wait at least 3 days before tying it back or using hair ties to avoid leaving a mark.

Does the hair require cutting before or after the treatment?

We recommend cutting the hair after the treat- ment, as this will make it straighter and cause it to sit differently on the shoulders.

Can Maximum alter the hair colour?

Yes. In some cases, due to the intense heat of the straightening iron, Maximum may alter the hair colour. In this case, the colour can be re- stored by adding a toner or tone-on-tone and revitalising the radiance of the hair with Shim- mer. If you need to neutralise yellow and copper tones, we recommend washing the hair with the Frozen Blonde shampoo, rich in bluish-purple pigments, then applying Moisture Lock Deep Conditioner.

Why is there no need to use One Wash befo- re applying Maximum?

Because the new Maximum formula means that the hair fibre can be straightened without any particular need to open the cuticles. Additional- ly, Moisture Lock Shampoo guarantees that the hair is adequately prepped, keeping it in opti- mum conditions to receive the treatment.

Why is it important to apply Extender during the treatment before brushing the hair?

To maintain the strength of the hair during the treatments. It makes the hair easier and quicker to brush and straighten, protecting it from the heat to create a flawless, straight look.

What kind of customer should I recommend the Sublime straight treatment to? How long does it last?

Usually this treatment is chosen by customers who are interested in creating a flawlessly strai- ght look, and do not want any kind of move- ment in their hair. The straight effect lasts for up to 5 months.

What kind of customer should I recommend the No Frizz treatment to? How long does it last?

Usually it’s chosen by customers who love the movement of their hair but hate its frizz and its tendency to gain volume. The frizz free effect lasts for up to 3 months.

Why choose the new Smoothly 60’ treat- ment?

The new straightening treatment by Nika which, in just 60 minutes, provides a silky straight look that lasts for up to 6 weeks.

It is the only treatment that can be applied at the same time as the colouring service. It’s an easy and rapid way to obtain all the benefits of sublime straight hair and a sensational colour with enhanced shine.
If the hair becomes weighed down, recommend that the customer return and have it washed after 2 days. After the treatment, the custo- mer must not wet their hair for at least 8 hours. Should the hair get wet, dry it by straightening it with the styling iron a couple of times at 180C.

What can be done to extend the duration of the home treatments?

We recommend using the Home Care routine products of the Fairy Silk line: Moisture Lock Shampoo, Moisture Lock Deep Conditioner, Ex- tender and Shimmer, are all paraben, SLS and SLES free. Moreover, they are salt free to ex- tend and preserve the results of the treatments obtained in the salon.

Could Extender and Shimmer weigh the hair down?

No, not if the correct application procedure is followed.

Can I use Extender and Shimmer together?

Yes, both manage frizz and add shine to the hair.

When can I use Extender?

Extender can be used after every wash, before styling. Or on dry hair, every day, to enhance the frizz free effect.

When can I use Shimmer?

Shimmer can be used after every wash, before styling, to add shine and prevent frizz. Or on dry hair, every day, to nourish the hair and enhance the straight, frizz free effect.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Send us an email to