Nika Diamonds Bright Blond Application Guide

Materials Required:

  • Nika Diamonds Bright Blond
  • Comb or Flexion (L) for even distribution


  1. Ensure hair is clean and slightly damp or dry. For optimal results, start with hair washed with Nika Absolute Shine Blonde Shampoo and treated with Nika Absolute Shine Blonde Deep Conditioner.


  1. Shake the bottle of Nika Diamonds Bright Blond well before use.
  2. Hold the bottle approximately 15-20 cm away from your hair and spray evenly onto the mid-lengths and ends, avoiding the roots to maintain volume.
  3. Use a comb or Flexion (L) to ensure the product is evenly distributed through your hair and to detangle if necessary.
  4. There is no need to rinse. Allow hair to air dry naturally or proceed with styling as desired.


  1. No additional finishing steps are required. Diamonds Bright Blond will leave your hair looking shiny and protected.
  2. For extra shiny hair, apply a small additional amount to the ends after styling.

Post-Treatment Advice:

  • Regular use of the Nika Frozen Blonde range, including pre-treatment with Absolute Shine Blonde Shampoo and Absolute Shine Blonde Deep Conditioner, is recommended to maintain optimal blonde luminosity.
  • Diamonds Bright Blond can be applied daily to enhance shine and combat yellow tones.
  • Minimize the use of hot styling tools. When necessary, protect your hair with a heat protectant product.