INEJ Loss Control Serum Application Guide

Materials Needed:
  • INEJ Loss Control Serum
  • Flexion (L) brush by cliCHair

  • Ensure your hair has been previously washed with INEJ Loss Control Shampoo and is dry or slightly damp.
  • Gently detangle your hair and stimulate the scalp circulation using the Flexion (L) brush.

  • Distribute a few drops of INEJ Loss Control Serum directly onto the scalp, focusing on the areas that need it most.
  • Massage the scalp with gentle circular motions using your fingertips to enhance the serum's absorption and further stimulate blood circulation.
  • Allow the serum to work without rinsing, letting it deeply penetrate the scalp.

Post-Treatment Tips:
  • Apply INEJ Loss Control Serum twice daily, in the morning and evening, for the best results.
  • For visible results, continue regular use of the serum for at least 3 months.
  • Pair the serum use with INEJ Loss Control Shampoo for a comprehensive and synergistic treatment against hair loss.