Who can join?

Dedicated to professional and non-professional Influencers. It is enough to have a social page and followers to sign up and enjoy exclusive benefits;

  • Discount code for personal purchases
  • Sales commission derived from your link
  • Free submission of new products being launched


The advantages in detail:

1. Your discount code; as a partner you are entitled to a discount when you buy your products

2. Sales commissions; becoming a partner you will have a reserved area with a control panel that will allow you to:
2.1 Change your data
2.2 Monitor your overall earnings, already collected, to be collected
2.3 Check the discount percentage for those who buy with your link
2.4 Check your commission percentage
2.5 Link or edit your social pages
2.6 Enter or modify your PayPal account (required for payments)

3. New products; as a partner you may receive new products or free discount coupons in the salon (for technical products), in order to better promote products in preview.


Few and Simple

  • To receive payments you need a PayPal account
  • Commissions are paid after the period that allows a customer to take advantage of the right of withdrawal (15 days) and by the fifth day of the following month.
  • Registration does not guarantee activation.

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