Participating in the training days is essential for your professional growth and for constructive discussions with other colleagues, socializing in the world of top coiffure. Only those who experience training grow and improve, under the eyes of those who instead watch the world go on.



Buy the course, wait for your EDU box* contact a model to bring with you and go to the fixed address on the set day. Simple and effective.

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*EDU box

  • Block notes
  • Training program
  • List of necessary materials to be prepared for the training day.



Our training days are organized with national technical trainers and also international stylists. This will be not only instructive but also stimulating for you, it will give new energy and desire to apply what you have learned.

  • Training objective

    Learn in depth the topic covered at a technical and commercial level in order to be able to evaluate the cases in which it is possible to offer it to one's customers.

  • Training result

    You will be able to analyze the cases in which it is possible to exploit the knowledge acquired and know how to apply it to achieve the set objective in total autonomy.

Coming soon

Our educational program will debut soon.

The first country to offer our training services will be Switzerland and other countries will follow.

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