What products for frizzy hair?

What products for frizzy hair?

If you have frizzy and unruly hair, sometimes even dull, and you want to know which products to use to solve this aesthetic problem, read this article.

Frizzy hair can be caused by several factors:

  • Genetic condition
  • Aggressive treatments
  • Accessive heat stress (hair dryer / straightener)
  • Climatic factors
  • Physical and psychological health
  • Poor hydration

Don't worry, we have several solutions to solve this problem, in a natural way, nourishing and moisturizing the hair.

The necessary products are: Shampoo, Mask, Cream and Oil, all specific for frizzy hair.

RANGE: Fairy Silk

  1. SHAMPOO: Apply a small amount of Moisture Lock shampoo to wet hair and emulsify. Rinse thoroughly and repeat the operation if necessary.
  2. DEEP CONDITIONER: Balsam fortified with Amino Bond Complex, a unique formula of amino acids, hydrolyzed keratin and active ingredients, to achieve a smooth and frizzy effect. After each application the hair appears smooth, bright, frizzy-free and easy to manage for over 3 months.
  3. EXTENDER: This smoothing cream new formula without rinsing is enriched with AMINO BOND COMPLEX, allows you to obtain shiny and smooth hair for up to 8 days. It is ideal for all hair types.
  4. SHIMMER: One of the most prestigious anti-frizz serums on the market and the only one with 7 essential oils. The Shimmer anti-frizz serum, new formula, contains seven oils and Color Guard technology and is 100% Made in Italy.

We have created a kit with the four products that will allow you to buy everything together and at a discount.

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