How do you fix hard brittle hair?

How do you fix hard brittle hair?

Many women and men have the problem of particularly weak hair, which breaks easily and falls out even during sleep. In this article we will explain the causes and remedies.

The causes can be many here are some examples:
  • Hair breaks mainly because it lacks keratin.
  • Those with fine and thin hair will need to strengthen and moisturize the hair. Reinforce with Nika K-Perfection to get thicker and stronger hair. Moisturize with Nika Age Restore to also get lost elasticity.
  • Not to underestimate the power, consult only the experts.
  • Too strong heat like that of a hairdryer, a hair straightener, but also and above all, chemical treatments, coloring and bleaching, especially if without Ecovexx, weaken and damage the hair.
  • Environmental pollution, especially if you live in the city.
  • Emotional stress, no less important, can lead to falling.


If you fall into the category of people who have this problem, do not worry, today thanks to specific products, we can say that it is a temporary problem. But we need you to strictly follow our advice and create your own routine for the care and well-being of your hair.

We have prepared a kit of specific and professional products, based on keratin that will allow you to quickly recover the strength and robustness of your hair.

BRAND: Nika Hair Beauty Excellence®
RANGE: Nika K Perfection

Hair Reconstruction Kit is a kit of three keratin-based products with KEROXYNE COMPLEX technology. Professional treatment to treat thin, brittle and damaged hair.

  1. Pure Keratin Repair Shampoo is ideal for damaged hair. Formulated with KEROXYNE COMPLEX technology, an exclusive blend of pure keratin, it gently washes the hair, improving its elasticity, resistance and shine.
  2. Deep Conditioner is the new hair mask and conditioner are combined in one product. Even more effective, even better performance.
  3. Miracle spray is a leave-in reconstruction treatment for damaged hair, formulated with the KEROXYNE COMPLEX technology, an exclusive blend of pure keratin.


Apply a small amount of Pure Keratin shampoo evenly to wet hair and rinse thoroughly.

Deep conditioner
After the plus conditioner shampoo, leave on for 2 minutes
After shampooing for a plus mask, leave on for 10 minutes

Miracle: Spray a little pressure of the build-up spray on lengths and ends, on damp hair, after the conditioner. Untangle, do not rinse and brush without delay. The thermal action of brushing penetrates the keratin into the hair and gives it shine. Your hair will regain body and density. Over the course of the uses, your hair will be strengthened and denser.

Instantly, shinier and thicker hair, harder and your most vivid color.


Buy now your kit of products to treat brittle hair that breaks and create your hair routine for hair that is always beautiful, strong and healthy.

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