Become a Successful Hair Technical Consultant with cliCHair!

Become a Successful Hair Technical Consultant with cliCHair!

Welcome to the revolutionary community of! Are you ready to explore the exciting path of a Hair Technical Consultant (HTC)? Discover how this innovative role is transforming the beauty industry and how you can be a part of this transformation.

What Does an HTC Do?
An HTC is an expert in the field of hairdressing, a consultant, a trainer, and an influencer all in one. Your mission? To help hairdressers discover and use professional products through, guiding them towards more informed and advantageous choices.

Your Working Protocol:
1. Product Knowledge and Training: Start with comprehensive training on the products available on Know every detail, from benefits to proper application.
2. Planning and Territory Management: Organize your itinerary. Who are your target clients? Create a plan to reach them effectively.
3. Personalized Approach Strategies: Each hairdresser has unique needs. Learn to personalize your approach and offer tailor-made solutions.
4. Demonstrations and Workshops: Organize product demonstrations and training workshops to practically show the benefits of products available on
5. Promoting Client Autonomy: Teach your clients to use independently. By providing them with your personal discount code, you will earn commissions on every order they place, even if you are not physically present.
6. Flexible and Remote Earnings: As an HTC, you have the freedom to work remotely. By providing your discount code to clients, you can continue to earn commissions on their independent orders, offering you flexibility and a steady earning opportunity.
7. Continuous Support and Feedback: Provide ongoing support to your clients. Collect and communicate feedback to constantly improve the service.
8. Achieving Goals and Analyzing Results: Set clear goals and analyze your results to continuously optimize your strategies.

Why Become an HTC?
Becoming an HTC means being at the forefront of the beauty sector. Not only will you have the opportunity to grow professionally, but you will also help hairdressing professionals improve their business. With cliCHair, you have a unique opportunity to earn commissions flexibly, promoting autonomy and trust in your clients.

The role of an HTC is more than a job, it's a passion. It's the opportunity to make a difference in the world of beauty, guiding professionals towards smarter and more sustainable choices. Are you ready to embark on this journey with us on

Want to learn more or are you ready to start your journey as an HTC? Contact us today to begin your adventure with!
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