How to Use the cliCHair Business Code: A Guide for B2B Clients

How to Use the cliCHair Business Code: A Guide for B2B Clients

Welcome to the vibrant world of cliCHair! This article is dedicated to our esteemed B2B clients, aiming to demonstrate how to effectively use the personal Business Code assigned to you. Learn how to maximize the exclusive offers and dedicated pricing conditions that cliCHair has to offer for B2B clients.

What is a Business Code and Its Importance: The Business Code is a unique, personalized code provided to you by a Hair Technical Consultant or directly from cliCHair. This essential tool not only allows you access to exclusive discounts and favorable conditions but also enables us to track your orders and provide customized service.

How to Use the Business Code:

  1. For Your First Order: Use the Business Code B2BxxxCH01020 (where "xxx" represents the customized part of the code assigned to you) for your first order with cliCHair. This code classifies you as a B2B client, offering special discounts.

  2. For Subsequent Orders: For all subsequent orders, you will need to use the Business Code B2BxxxCH01010 (where "xxx" is the part of the code assigned to you). This code is your definitive key to continuing to enjoy exclusive B2B conditions.

  3. During Checkout: When finalizing your order on the cliCHair website, simply enter the Business Code in the designated field during the checkout process, just before making the payment. This ensures your discounts and benefits are correctly applied.

Benefits of Using the Business Code:

  • Exclusive Discounts: As a B2B client of cliCHair, you will have access to special prices and offers, reserved only for you.
  • Customized Service: Your CTC can track your orders and offer tailored consultations and assistance.
  • Ease and Convenience: Learning to use your Business Code will make your shopping experience on cliCHair even simpler and more advantageous.
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