Unveil the Brilliance of Your Blonde: The CODE ZERO Revolution

Unveil the Brilliance of Your Blonde: The CODE ZERO Revolution

In the world of coiffure, blonde is more than just a hair color; it's a style statement that demands special care and attention to maintain its brightness and vitality.

CODE ZERO by cliCHair.com introduces a revolution in the care of blonde hair with two stellar products: the Anti-Yellow Shampoo and the Anti-Yellow Mask. These are not just beauty products but a secret weapon for anyone who wants to say goodbye to unwanted yellow reflections and embrace a blonde that is bright, nourished, and naturally beautiful.

CODE ZERO YGR Anti-Yellow Shampoo has been meticulously formulated to neutralize the yellow tones that often afflict blonde, gray, and bleached hair. Enriched with blue-violet pigments, this shampoo not only corrects the color but, thanks to rice bran, soy, and sunflower extracts, deeply nourishes, leaving hair soft, bright, and visibly healthier.

In parallel, the CODE ZERO YGR Anti-Yellow Mask acts as a powerful conditioning treatment that perfectly complements the shampoo's action. This mask deeply penetrates the hair fiber, restructuring, moisturizing, and revitalizing the hair. The result? A blonde that not only displays a pure and cool shade but is also extraordinarily soft to the touch and shiny to the eye.

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